OISC Professional Indemnity

As an OISC member, clients seek your specialist advice because they view you as an expert. Unfortunately, when things go wrong it’s often the expert that bears the blame. These days your client is more likely to sue you than ever before. You could very easily find yourself in an unpleasant legal situation. Or even if they just decide not to pay for your services if they are unhappy with your work, you could be left with some crippling bills. You may not wish to pursue the debt for fear of destroying your valuable client relationship.

That’s where we come in. We have teamed up with the UK’s leading specialist Insurer so that when things go wrong the Professional Indemnity insurance policy we have arranged will protect your financial interests. The specialist policy can also protect your professional reputation and, most importantly, your relationship with your clients.

To apply for OISC Professional Indemnity insurance please download and fax us the completed and signed questionnaire to 01992 566981 :

PDF Version

Microsoft Word Version

Alternatively call the following number to speak to one of our advisors:

01992 566985

Policy Features :

The policy has been specially designed to protect the unique relationship a professional has with their client and therefore has several outstanding features which you would not find under a standard policy. In addition to providing a very wide level of base cover, the policy will also:

  • Pay fees due to you where your client refuses to pay
  • Pay the sub contractors you are committed to paying

In addition to this, the plain English policy wording includes:

  • Broad civil liability cover – if it’s not excluded, it’s covered
  • Fidelity – to cover you for your own losses arising from the dishonesty of your employees or contractors
  • Loss of Documents – to cover the rectification costs of lost or damaged documents or data of a professional nature

In addition to the Professional Indemnity insurance we have developed a suite of insurance modules giving you the flexibility to meet all of your insurance needs in one policy. Modular covers include: employers’ liability, public / products liability and office contents / computer insurance.

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